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Energy efficiency and sustainability more important to homeowners but cost concerns remain

The growing emphasis on sustainable living is evident among homeowners today. However, deciphering the best route to achieve it often hinges on the expertise of leaders in the sector. Chris Grant, CEO of Agent Green, a premier provider of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), sheds light on the latest trends and challenges in property sustainability.

Recent data from “The Natwest Greener Homes Attitude Tracker”, conducted alongside S&P Global, has unveiled that 40% of aspiring homeowners regard an EPC as pivotal when purchasing a home. This is a notable increase from 39% in the previous quarter.

Highlighting the increasing demand for green homes, Chris Grant of Agent Green asserts, “The EPC is not just a certificate; it’s a reflection of a home’s eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Our commitment at Agent Green is to guide homeowners through their green journey, starting with understanding their EPC.”

The survey further revealed that an encouraging 66% of homeowners plan on retrofitting their homes for enhanced sustainability in the coming decade, a rise from the prior 63%.

Still, there are challenges to address. A significant 20% of homeowners currently have no green renovation plans for the next decade, while 14% are undecided. Disruption concerns and financial implications stand as primary barriers.

“Financing green modifications is a genuine concern,” observes Grant. “For instance, the integrated cost of green installations, from heat pumps to solar panels, can average around £34,500. But with companies like Agent Green, homeowners can gain valuable insights into managing costs and maximizing their return on investment.”

Lloyd Cochrane of Natwest commented on the growing need for sustainable solutions, emphasizing the role of industry experts like EPC Choice in guiding homeowners. He mentioned, “The goal is to make sustainable living choices more attainable for UK homeowners. This is where experts at Agent Green excel, by offering both advice and solutions.”

In conclusion, as the demand for sustainable homes continues to surge, homeowners can rely on industry leaders like EPC Choice to navigate their green transition seamlessly.