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You require an EPC for selling, renting or MEES. What happens next?

Your accredited Agent Green Energy Assessor will visit your property and complete the EPC Survey. This would generally take between 45 minutes and 1 hours during which time the Assessor will take notes and photographs. The software used for Domestic EPCs is known as RdSAP and once the data is entered and verified by the Assessor then the EPC is ready for Lodgement.

My EPC has failed the MEES, what should I do?

In the event that your EPC has failed to acheive E rating, we will provide a draft EPC (an EPC not lodged on the EPC Register) and then advise you on the most cost effective measures required to improveme your property. Once these works are completed we can re-inspect your property and guarantee that you have avoided any penalties and fines.

What does EPC Lodgement mean?

Lodgement of your EPC is the process of validating the EPC. In order for any EPC to be validated the processed data must be sent to the EPC Register. The EPC Register then assigns a unique 20 digit reference to the EPC which is known as the RRN.
The EPC Register is run by Landmark Information Group.

Who are the Landmark Information Group?

Landmark Information Group, part of the Daily Mail General Trust, is the UK’s leading provider of land and property search information, including digital mapping, environmental risk reports for property professionals and sophisticated property management tools to surveyors, risk and fraud managers and the broader financial markets. They also have operations in Germany in the form of On-Geo, and interests in Holland. Landmark has quickly developed into a leading provider of property related environmental risk information and digital mapping since the inception of the business in 1995. Landmark possesses a comprehensive database of large scale current and historic digital maps together with high quality environmental risk and planning information. The focus on quality data enables Landmark to provide solutions that create peace of mind for our customers when using one of our products. Working closely with data providers including Ordnance Survey, the Environment Agency, the Coal Authority and the British Geological Survey enables Landmark to offer current and historical environmental risk management information and desktop mapping solutions for the property industry. Since 1995, substantial investment has been made in establishing the Landmark database which is one of the largest geographical information databases in Europe.

How can I check that my EPC is Lodged?

In order for an EPC to have been lodged it must show the RRN number in this format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. An EPC without this number has not been lodged and is therefore not valid. In order to check that the RRN is valid, the 20 digit number can be verified by entering the number in this Landmark RRN checker If the RRN is valid then the Register will allow you to download the EPC. If the RRN is not valid then you will see the message "The RRN does not exist" It is worth noting that the EPC Register is not responsible for checking that your EPC is accurate, this is the responsibility of the EPC Accreditation Bodies*

How many Domestic EPCs have been Lodged?

The current number of EPCs lodged as of December 2016 stands at  14853849 which represent 62% of the current UK housing stock.

I've paid for my EPC and it is not valid…

The chances are that you have been the victim of a scam. The internet is awash with individuals offering "cheap" EPCs and these can generally be identified by websites with no office address or just a mobile phone number. In the first instance we would suggest that you contact the person or company involved and request an explanation as to why the RRN is not valid. Failing a satisfactory explanation you should attempt to obtain an immediate refund. If no refund is forthcoming, then we would suggest reporting the company to your local Trading Standards Officer or recovery of the funds via the Small Claims Court.

My EPC is valid but is the data secure?

The Government when awarding the contract to operate the EPC Register took steps to ensure that all data was held securely. When the register was first created, EPCs were not available to the general public with the RRN number, however in 2012 the EPC data became searchable based on not only the RRN but also the Postcode. The data was also made available on a wholesale basis to Government departments, OFGEM and in connection with the Green Deal. Currently an EPC will only show the property address and does not show the property owner or occupier.

If you do not wish for your EPC to appear on the EPC Register, you are able to opt out by completing the form available on this link

If you do decide to opt out, you have the option to opt back in at any time in the future by using the same link.

I have installed a new boiler, if I get a new EPC what happens to the old one?

When searching the EPC Register via Post Code the results shown will always be the most recent EPC lodged, however previous EPCs can still be found on the Register using the RRN

My EPC was on the Register but has now disappeared?

Your EPC has expired! Probably not the case quite yet but an EPC is only valid for 10 years so the first EPCs lodged from the 1st August 2007 are approaching renewal. Expired EPCs may not actually "disappear" from the Register as they will still be searchable via the RRN but if the Date of Certificate shown on the EPC is over 10 years prior then the EPC has expired.

When should I renew my EPC?

Since 2008 it has been a legal requirement to provide a tenant with a valid EPC. Whilst less scrupulous Landlords have tended to overlook the requirement, not having an EPC will now prove even more problematical as a Section21 Notice cannot be served without a valid EPC having been presented to the Tenant. This requirement raises the issue of whether the EPC needs to be valid at the time the S21 is served or whether it is sufficient for a valid EPC to have been served at the commencement of the Tenancy even if it has subsequently expired.
As no EPCs have actually expired yet, this issue has yet to arise in Court during a Possession Hearing. Our recommendation is that if your EPC is due to expire mid-tenancy then a new EPC should be obtained prior to commencement of the tenancy in order to avoid any complications.